Nestled by a serene lake near Jyvaskyla in Finland, I dedicated an entire night to await the enchanting auroras. The solitude felt eerie, yet it was in that tranquility that I captured a photograph worth cherishing, making the experience truly worthwhile.


Dropped my camera in the sea, but still managed to capture moments with a backup. Salvaged a few pics from the sunken one. Iceland, I'll be back.

Chasing Sundogs

Braving the bone-chilling temperature of -32°C, I ventured out to capture a mesmerizing scene. Three suns adorned the sky, creating a spectacle that defied the cold. As the frosty air numbed my fingers, I marveled at the elusive beauty of sundogs, making the endeavor a frozen but unforgettable pursuit.

Finding Shiva

A memorable journey to Makalu's base camp left an indelible mark on me. As I pursued the elusive Shivadhara, it seemed as if a divine message urged me to refrain from approaching this time.


Captivated by the breathtaking sunset over Lake Tuomiojarvi in Jyvaskyla, Finland, I couldn't resist becoming a part of the picturesque scene. Adding a human touch to the frame, I marveled at the beauty of a Finnish summer.