• Yogesh Dhakal
  • How it all Started
  • Long before I held a camera, my canvas was filled with vibrant hues. Originating as a graphic designer, I gradually transitioned into web design and development, yet my passion for color and aesthetics persisted. While collaborating with photographers on various projects, I sensed a yearning to delve deeper into the art of image creation. Thus, my journey into photography unfolded. Photography, for me, is not only a profession but also a therapeutic endeavor. In moments away from web projects and assignments, you'll find me patiently awaiting the sunrise or sunset, captivated by the vastness of landscapes – be it the sea, mountains, or deserts. Standing amidst such grandeur prompts introspection, reminding me of my own insignificance in the face of nature.
  • Adhering to the 10,000-hour rule, I acknowledge that despite my longstanding relationship with a camera, I am continually learning. Whether attentively listening to clients during professional projects or immersing myself in curated online content, my quest for knowledge persists. Feel free to reach out; I'm open to meeting over coffee or beer, schedules permitting. Let's not just take pictures but create art together. Cheers to capturing moments that tell unique stories. Lastly, my friends call me "Yogi". Hence, the name.


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