• Yogesh Dhakal Photographer / Finland
  • The Yogis Angle
  • It has only been probably a little more than three years I have been carrying a camera. But my love for colors dates a while. I started off as a graphics and web designer which is why a beautiful picture always attracts me. Many a time I ended up collaborating with other photographers for my design works which eventually made me want to take pictures myself. Thus, the love of photography started.
  • Among all the other genres in photography, Landscape photography is what i find peace in doing. It is undoubtedly one of the most universally appealing branches in the ever-growing and sometimes twisted tree of photography. In fact, I suspect that landscape’s popularity is second only to portraiture among photo enthusiasts. We are captivated by making and viewing beautiful images of the world around us.
  • I know that I gain a greater sense of my (tiny) place in the grand scheme of things when surrounded by nature’s immense scale and timelessness. The act of successfully interpreting these scenes via my camera allows me to capture these memories and share them with a wider audience. Lastly for "The Yogi's Angle", my friends call me Yogi, hence the name.

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