Álfheimar in Mood

he first two days were depressing .. unlike everyone we decided to do the round trip anticlock wise .. The first day was kirkjufell .. not the best of conditions to photograph .. and as we approached the roof for our second night .. we literally had to drive through a mountain pass .. visibility upto a meter and snowfall in the middle of June .. even though we managed to reach the place it never stopped to rain .. and wind mind you .. was like it’ll carry you with it ..so fierce and powerful that it got scary at times .. The weather was always moody .. and we couldn’t figure when it’ll rain, snow or when we’ll see sunshine .. here is one composition where I tried to capture how exactly it was .. We somehow slept but I had zero pictures for my catalog .. In my desperation I Found this log .. or was it a driftwood .. but I wonder how the Atlantic placed this right next to the road .. or do the tides get that high at times ?? Some questions are better not answered ..